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Adesso Classico + Esclusivo + Milk Frother (Adesso Espresso Macchina montalatte)

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Milk Frother machine.

 115,90 Iva incl.

Product Description

Try today the simple and compact design of Adesso Espresso Milk Frother combined with our coffees Adesso Espresso Classico and Adesso Espresso Esclusivo, single-serving capsules carefully packed in a controlled environment for long-lasting freshness.

Our Blends meet the soft milk cream of Adesso Espresso Milk Frother to allow you to prepare in few moments a divine milk froth for your favourite coffee and enjoy at home a perfect cappuccino.

Adesso Espresso Milk Frothers offers you a wide choice to prepare even more coffee&milk recipes at home in a simple way. Enjoy an authentic Italian espresso choosing Adesso Espresso Classico or drink a precious and superior blend of 100% Arabica Coffee as Adesso Espresso Esclusivo

Technical specifications Milk Frother

  •  Voltage and Frequency: 230V-240V ~ 50 Hz
  •  Power: 600W-650W
  •  Resistance: flat disc
  •  Capacity: 100-250 ml cold milk
  •  Power cord: 0.75 mt.
  •  Net weight: 1 kg / gross weight: 1.2 kg
  •  Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 170 x 180 mm

SKU: 55993 Category:

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