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La Tazza d’oro Prestige

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Weight250 g

Mixture of ground coffee moka 100% Arabica.

Product Description

Dedicated to everyone who enjoys the luxury of a 100% Arabica coffee, La Tazza d'oro Prestige is a blend of fine coffees originating from Brazil (the biggest producer of Arabica worldwide), Guatemala and Costa Rica.

This exclusive, refined blend of classic Italian toasting is the result of a clever combination of Arabica’s different qualities.

A medium intensity coffee with hazelnut colored “crema” is perfect for those who crave an espresso that’s sweet but with a feeling of strength.

Its aroma is both sweetness and acidity characterized by a pleasant hint of toasted chocolate and almond.

No need to add sugar, as it's already sweet. And, thanks to its low caffeine content, it can be enjoyed at any time of day or night.

An exquisite coffee with medium-full body and a pleasant bright aftertaste.

We recommend you to prepare this mixture with a moka coffee maker.

The coffee is packaged in vacuum bags of 250 grams.

SKU: 120 Categories: ,


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