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La Tazza d’oro Decaffeinated Pod

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150 pods


Mixture of ground coffee in pod size

 56,00 Iva incl.

Product Description

The clever combination of Arabica and Robusta coffees, from Brazil and India, gives us the sweet and richly flavored decaffeinated coffee.

A decaf coffee with a definite personality, designed to satisfy the craving of fine palates for a light espresso with the taste of authentic Italian coffee.

Careful decaffeination and the slow toasting process give the blend a sweetness with a pleasing note of citrus defined by its persistent aroma.

La Tazza d'oro Decaffeinated Pod coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day – even late into the evening – thanks to the almost total absence of caffeine. It’s also suitable for milk preparations.

The result is a coffee with a light hazel-coloured “crema” that retains all the taste of great Italian coffee.

Pods, packed in a protective atmosphere, contain roasted and ground coffee with a rich creamy taste just like the ones you get at the bar.

Start your journey towards the pleasure of taste.

SKU: 213 Categories: , ,


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