Sardinia and Us

The territory is an integral part of the identity of coffee, its soul. In fact, in all of our blends is surrounded the taste of a long tradition that is rooted in Sardinia.

Here we were born and grown becoming the more widespread Sardinian coffee in the world.

It is here, where times seems to stop, in over half a century of tastings and experiments among the narrow streets of the capital, that we gave life to the coffee, a reflection of our land: a rich flavour, with suave taste that has to be tasted in a calm atmosphere.

We like to call coffee a trip toward taste, a rite, a moment of pleasure and relax. We also like the fact that from the first sip you can perceive all the passion we are putting into it.

Who decides to drink La Tazza d’oro coffee acknowledges the fact that this is a product roasted and packed in Sardinia, subjected to be controlled from various experts in this sector.

From our land we gained a deep respect for the others and the work ethics carved in stone. Our people’s character obstinate and sincere, the scents, colours of our crystal clear sea are the soul of our coffee, the spirit of our work, the real richness.

Sardinia is our reference market, but we have been able to expand and cross the borders of our Island and we are proud of that.

La Tazza d’oro was born at Cagliari and a line bearing its name could not be missed. Caffè Karalis is the coffee has the taste of the city. This name was chosen to best represent our character, in Italy like abroad.

We are carrying on the Italian high quality espresso tradition produced with the most valued blends. We put our heart in it and commit ourselves to spread abroad too the fruit of our passion.


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