The story of products, blends, certifications

Coffee’s travel starts from the plantations in the countries of origin, mainly in South America (Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica) and India.

Every day are harvested and processed only the most valued types of coffee to offer a blend with unique flavour, product of a long experience and of constant commitment to find the right coffee for everyone.

Our products

We have been able to please in the optimal way the various sectors: bar line/Ho.Re.Ca. (in beans, ground and in capsules) and the home line (in beans, ground for moka, pods and capsules). Since the beginning, we took care of all details for our products, that is the blends: La Tazza d’oro, Caffè Karalis and the modern closed system of machine and capsules under the brand Adesso Espresso.

The coffee line La Tazza d’oro consists of blends of classical and traditional taste, that are born from the perfect balance between Robusta and Arabica coffees, available for coffee machine as well as for the espresso machine, in these variants: ground, beans and pods. There is also the decaffeinated blend, dedicated to those that want to get in their cups the taste of coffee with less caffeine.

The Caffè Karalis line was proposed in 2003, a tribute to the city of Cagliari where it all began. They are top quality blends, obtained selecting and roasting the top quality raw coffees with high technology procedures. Caffè Karalis line is also characterised by a specific packaging choice: elegant and modern, packaging in cans that allows a better preservation of flavour and the certainty of taste of a sublime coffee.

The continuous attention to innovation and to the modern needs of functionality have acted as an incentive for the creation in 2009 of the ADESSO ESPRESSO line, with the capsules that contain the best blends of coffee prepared in single use packets; a line that is complete with the ADESSO ESPRESSO machines: elegant, exclusive because they have a closed system and easy to use.


La Tazza d’oro coffee is certified from its first bean. We work in accordance to HACCP standards and we have obtained the quality certification based upon the UNI/EN 9001: 2008 regulations, a further pledge of seriousness that always distinguished us allowing us to increasingly satisfy our clients.

Our blends

Blending is really an art form. It is one of the critical stages in the production process, the real secret of any roasting: the recipe!

La Tazza d’oro blends are the result of a scrupulous selection of the best types of quality raw coffees in the world, directly from the producers.
Green coffee comes from the South American countries and the varieties of Robusta mainly from India. We have 100% Arabica blends and others that are a mix between Arabica and Robusta.

The choice is entrusted to qualified expert brokers, that carry out rigorous controls bag by bag in order to guarantee an excellent product.

The blend’s taste varies based upon the provenance of the varieties and the working process. All the beans are brought to an ideal degree of roast.

Among the Arabica coffees used in our blends there are:

  • Brazil Santos, full bodied, with a good balance of acidity;
  • Costarica, SHB, fruity and well structured with vanilla flavour;
  • Guatemala, unique for flavour and full bodied taste;
  • Ethiopia, with an exceptional spicy flavour

The excellent caffè Robusta selected by La Tazza d’oro come mainly from India living full body and cream to the blends. It is not absolutely less valuable than the Arabica one. Seeing is believing!


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