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La Tazza d’oro Decaffeinated

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Weight250 g

Blend of decaffeinated coffee in grains

Product Description

La Tazza d'oro Decaffeinated is a rich wrap-around coffee designed for those who don't want to give up the pleasure of coffee, even late in the evening.

The delicious persistent and delicate aroma is the result of the perfect combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee from Brazil and India.

A rich taste, slowly toasted, with almost no caffeine and an aftertaste characterized by hazelnut and bitter chocolate.

This blend is ready to grind for a tasty creamy coffee, just like the ones that you get at the bar.

The natural decaffeination process does not affect the coffee’s organoleptic characteristics and assures the full aroma of espresso in the cup.

Enjoy this sweet balanced mixture whenever you want.

Available in a pack of 1 kilogram and milled in a pack of 250 grams for espresso or moka and single-serving version of 80 portions.

The grains are packed in packs of 250 grams and one kilo.

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