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Adesso Espresso Classico – bidose

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Coffee blend in capsules for two.

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Our Adesso Espresso Classico coffee blend has an intense robust aroma and a delightful taste with all the features of an authentic Italian espresso. A rich scented fragrance you can now share thanks to our double espresso capsule version.

A single capsule containing all of the strenght and taste of two authentic espressos. Simple and quick to make and perfect for enjoying in company during your office breaks.

Our coffee capsules are where tradition and innovation meet – bringing together the great Arabica and Robusta varieties to deliver a coffee with an intensely aromatic scent.

The convenient serves-two wrap contains a single 14g capsule and produces two espressos – ideal for families, small cafés, street kiosks or wherever there’s a moment of joy to be shared.

SKU: 55004 Categories: ,


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