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Adesso Espresso Decaffeinated

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Coffee blend in capsules.

 37,00 Iva incl.

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Adesso Espresso Decaffeinated is for coffee drinkers who refuse to give up their evening cup. A delicious blend in a capsule containing less than 0.10% caffeine, but with a high concentration of pleasure.

Adesso Espresso Decaffeinated let you stay healthy without sacrificing taste.

The all-natural decaffeination process does not affect the organoleptic and aromatic properties of the coffee.

A light soft mildly roasted flavor, well balanced and ideal with milk – a perfect decaffeinated espresso.

Our Adesso Espresso capsules present the finest blends, delivering a creamy, authentic espresso that  everyone can enjoy. They make preparation more convenient and ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Capsules give you accurate dosing every time. Individually packed in a controlled environment to seal in the freshness and ensure the unadulterated aroma of a classic beverage.

Make sure to try our Adesso Espresso Intenso, Adesso Espresso Esclusivo (100% Arabica) and Adesso Espresso Classico capsules.

SKU: 55007 Categories: , ,


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