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Adesso Espresso Long Coffee

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Coffee blend in capsules.


100 capsules.

Product Description

Who said the coffee break should be short?

Fine selected blends of Arabica and Robusta give origin to an espresso with a light acidity with an aftertaste of almond, ideal for lovers of long coffee.

The sweet taste is enhanced by an aroma of pancakes and a layer of soft “crema”.

The capsules Adesso Espresso Long Coffee are ideal for those who love to enjoy the elegance and the pleasure of long coffee.

A blend of fine Arabica coffee originating in Brazil and a small percentage of Robusta from India. Discover the perfect combination of the finest fragrances and roasting methods.

Our roasting gives this product a persistent aroma and a full body.

The aroma and freshness remain preserved for a long time. A drink of high quality, simple and quick to prepare, but to enjoy with calm.

SKU: 55009 Categories: ,


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