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Adesso Espresso Te Limone

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Lyophilized lemon tea.


50 capsules.

 21,00 Iva incl.

Product Description

A sweetened drink with citrus notes for those who want a refined break of pleasure, to be indulged in both the morning and evening.Adesso Espresso Te Limone is a sweet lyophilised mixture, flavoured with lemon, enclosed in a single dose capsule.A definite sweetness that clashes with the acidity and fresh taste of the lemon.For the break of the five, try the lingering aroma of now Espresso Te Limone, with hints of citrus and balanced and sweet aftertaste.Experience intense pleasure in a tasty and easy-to-prepare beverage, an excellent alternative to coffee.Make sure to try the other six special aromas of Adesso Espresso capsules.Just give yourself a little time.

SKU: 66000 Categories: , ,

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