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Caffè Karalis Rossa 100% Arabica

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Weight250 g

Mixture of moka coffee 100% Arabica

 29,00 Iva incl.

Product Description

The grains of Karalis Red 100% Arabica (Caffè Karalis Rossa 100% Arabica) are carefully mixed to produce a full body, an intense aroma and a well-defined sweetness. This blend was born in Cagliari from the passion of our blend masters.

A high-quality blend of only premium Arabica coffee from Central-South America and Central Africa.

An espresso with a soft and irresistible taste, harmoniously combining hints of fresh flowers. A tiny sip is all it takes to appreciate its fullness.

Karalis Red Coffee 100% Arabica is perfect for anyone wishes to savor the highest quality of a unique coffee.

The cup is balanced to a fine acidity with vivacious notes of citrus fruits. Our slow toasting and medium body give the blend a rich intense full-bodied floral aroma with a pleasantly persistent aftertaste.

It's available in packs of 1000 grams or in 250-gram jars.

SKU: 77041EC Categories: , ,


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