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Caffè Karalis Cialda Rossa

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Blend of coffee beans.

Product Description

The Karalis Coffee Cup mixture enfolds the souls of Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

A delicious coffee for those who love the taste of light espresso.

Our toasting makes this mixture sweet – a sweetness exalted by notes of sponge cake with a delicious hazelnut aftertaste.

A light but balanced cup, with a soft fine “crema” on top.

Red Pod Karalis Coffee (Caffè Karalis Cialda Rossa) is a refreshing blend that can be enjoyed anywhere: at home, at the office or in your shop.

Each pod, containing about 7 grams of ground coffee, is individually packaged in a sachet with a controlled atmosphere designed to keep the coffee fresh and preserve the aromas.

Available with 18 and 150 pods.

SKU: 77061 Categories: ,



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