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Adesso Espresso Classico

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Lyophilized lemon tea.

 35,00 Iva incl.

Product Description

A balanced harmonious blend of Arabia and Robusta coffee varieties.

Adesso Espresso Classico is a single-serving capsule with the strong and aromatic fragrance of the most authentic Italian espresso.

A rich and intense taste with hints of dark chocolate and ripe fruit.

A product of outstanding quality, thanks to our continual quest to find the finest fragrances and roasting methods.

A mature yet determined flavour, enhanced by undertones of roasted almonds.

Lose yourself in the velvety robustness of the cream. A dense espresso to be enjoyed upon the making, as the name suggests, in order to experience its richness to the full.

These fast and easy-to-use single-serving no-waste capsules are carefully packed in a controlled environment for long-lasting freshness.

Also available in a double-serving version – perfect for sharing the rich experience of an authentic espresso in a carefree moment of pleasure.

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