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Caffè Karalis Decaffeinato


Decaffeinated whole bean coffee blend


250 g jar

Product Description

An espresso without caffeine, which, nevertheless, preserves all the taste of traditional Italian coffee. Karalis decaffeinated coffee (Caffè Karalis Decaffeinato) is a blend of roasted beans from a refined selection of Arabica and Robusta grains.Through a natural decaffeination process, we obtain a creamy aromatic coffee dedicated to those who enjoy a tasty decaf coffee at any time of the day or even late into the evening – for those who can’t resist a cup before bedtime, or those who’d like to kick the caffeine habit once and for all.Caffeine (which has nothing to do with the coffee’s aroma) is removed at the raw-coffee stage (before roasting) using natural methods such as water vapor or organic solvents, which are totally harmless and pose no risk to health.The aromatic characteristics of our roasted coffee remain absolutely unchanged by decaffeination. The company is always very careful to respect the organoleptic characteristics of its products.To ensure freshness and longevity, grains are packaged in 250 grams jars.Try the pod format version too, we think you’ll enjoy it.Karalis decaffeinated coffee is the safe choice with an unmistakable taste.

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