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Karalis Coffee 3 kg

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Weight3000 g

Blend of coffee beans.

Product Description

A mixture of exquisite coffees that encloses the hearts of different continents.

Karalis Coffee 3 Kg is a rich aroma espresso with a gentle taste, perfect for devotees of espresso coffee of the highest quality.

An Italian classic toasting with a sweet taste embellished by a lingering floral aftertaste and ending on a  pleasant acidic note.

A blend of Arabic and Robusta coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and India, Karalis Coffee is the product of a perfect harmony between sweetness, subliminal acidity and aromatic fullness.

Its medium-textured, soft and compact “crema” has an intense hazelnut color.

The grains are packaged in 3 kilograms cans.

SKU: 77031 Categories: ,


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