In all production stages of coffee the human component is a constant. It is the taster that will create the alchemies and will harmonize the flavours. It is not just a simple tasting, but much more.

In order to create state of the art blends you will need to deeply know raw materials, be able in roasting and always be updated with constant tastings of coffee… year by year.

Only years of experience gained on the field will allow to roast and blend in a perfect way the different ranges to give birth to the perfect flavour in the cup.

Depending to the product, the range and the area of origin, the organoleptic characteristics of coffee beans differ.

After the selection of raw materials, a sample of coffee is examine by our experts that will proceed to the tasting. This stage is essential to verify that high standards will be fulfilled. The ideal temperature for tasting is of about 65°. Only the productions that reflect our standards, will be commissioned and later processed becoming the coffee we all know.

Its body and flavour distinguish coffee from any other preparation. A genuine espresso is being recognized at first sight: it does have a nuanced cream that goes from hazel in colour to reddish in colour, with a 2-3 millimetres thickness. In a perfect coffee, the fragrance substances (floral, fruity or with chocolate hints) are here in the right balance. Its taste can be more or less sweet, bitter, acidic.

Even the coffee cup has its place. The original Italian espresso shall be served in a china cup, preferably white coloured, of truncated cone shape and with maximum capacity of 70 ml, pre heated at 35-40°C.

Classic methods of preparation

How to make a good coffee:

  • Moka or coffeepot is the classic method for excellence, present in almost all the Italian homes that allows to have an aromatic cup of coffee. It is prepared by putting some water in the tank in order to skim the safety valve level and then insert the filter. Then it shall be filled with ground coffee without pressing it, screw the upper part of the coffee pot and place it on the cooker. After few minutes the coffee will fill up the upper part of the coffee pot, when it begins coming out, remove the moka from the cooker and pour the coffee in the cups. After use, clean the coffee pot with running water and let it dry.
  • Espresso, as the word says is a cup of coffee prepared at the time through a professional machine that shall be tasted immediately. The cup shall contain between 25 and 30 ml of coffee (about half of the cup), it has an intense taste and flavour. 
  • Pods/Capsules. This is a convenient system easy to use. It will be sufficient to insert the capsule/pod in the machine and press a button. In few seconds, you will get an excellent espresso to taste where and when you like, at home or in the office.

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