The plant

The coffee plant is an evergreen bush of the family of the Rubiacee, that assembles around 500 species and more than six thousand varieties distributed mostly in the Tropics, precisely between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, close to the equator.

The coffee plant likes a hot and temperate climate on mountainous terrains, better if volcanic soils and rich with nitrogen.

The plant can reach even 13 meters in height, but in order to harvest it easier, usually they are kept around 2-3 meters. After any rain there is a flowering. The flowers are white, delicate and scented, while the fruits are ruby red in colour, inside having the grains. Every drupe has two beans, that are separated by drying procedure, then washed and mechanically shrunken with subsequent fermentation of the residuals.

Arabic and Robust

The most known varieties are Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (Robusta).

Of the first species the most valuable is the Moka variety, with small beans and unmistakable intense aromatic fragrance, specially cultivated in Arabia.

There are washed Arabic, natural and semi-washed ones, any of these have different properties and characteristics.

The beans are slightly flat and long and the plant requires a soil rich with minerals. It is cultivated mostly in the Countries of South and Central America. The Arabica coffees are rich of flavours, very scenting, sweet and slightly acidic. The cream is light hazel in colour prone to reddish.

The beans of Coffea Robusta are a bit more rounded and contain a double dose of caffeine than Arabica. It is very resistant to torrid heat and pests. The blend is weighty, persistent and with hints of chocolate. This variety is mainly produced in Africa, Asia, India and constitutes 25% of the world market of coffee.

Various techniques are used to cultivate it. Usually the plant’s propagation happens through its seeds and requires adequate cares and treatments. The coffee plant flourishes various times in the year and start to make fruits around its third or fourth year of life.

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