Caffè Marocchino

Moroccan Coffee is a simple recipe with intense colors and enveloping consistency. A drink for the greener, great for starting the day or for a tasty snack.

A nice break to enjoy layer after layer…

How to prepare it

Let’s prepare our intense and full-bodied espresso La Tazza d’oro and pour it on a bed of dark chocolate sauce.

Sprinkle a bitter cocoa powder, pour our hot milk cream and finish with another bitter cocoa powder.

Add drops of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. Moroccan coffee is ready to be served!

It’s recommended to use a fancy transparent glass for espresso


  • 4 cl Espresso Coffee La Tazza d’oro
  • 1,5 cl Dark chocolate sauce
  • 2,5 cl Milk cream
  • A pinch of Bitter Cocoa Powder

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