Mojito Espresso

The Mojito Espresso Signed La Tazza d’oro is a re-adaptation of the original Cuba cocktail that has been around the world. The word “Mojo” in Cuban means spell and this drink just wants to be a lovely refreshing drink.

How to prepare it

Turn inside a 1 liter high rum bubble, Pain of Epices syrup, 3 lbs of Lime juice and some mint leaves.

Give it a little pressure and mix it by creating a cold infusion.
After a few minutes, pour some ice cubes, the remaining 4 cl of rum, crushed ice, and make a top with our Spring Tonic Water (expertly prepared inside a siphon siphon).

Mix and add the coffee so that it remains on the surface.

Decorate with mint buds, bitter cocoa powder, dehydrated lime and some coffee beans.


  • 5 cl Rum 3 Anos
  • 2 cl Syrup Pain d’Epices
  • 3 cl Lime Juice
  • Some fresh mint leaves
  • Espresso Coffee 100% Arabica La Tazza d’oro
  • Spring tonic water

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