White Russian

Born as a Black Russian variant, the White Russian alcohol cocktail can be drunk both in summer and winter and is perfect to enjoy as a dessert at the end of the meal. Its main ingredient is Vodka, which blends with a soft milk cream (this is what differentiates it from black) and coffee liquor, for a sweet and delicate taste.

It was invented at the end of the 1940s by a metropolitan bartender in Brussels, Gustave Tofs, in homage to Ambassador Luxemburg Perle Mesta.

Let’s see how to prepare the White Russian La Tazza d’oro at home.

How to prepare

Use the “Build on the Rocks” technique. Then, pour the vodka and liquor to coffee in an old fashioned glass, or shaker, along with ice cubes. Mix and pour honey flavored milk cream with a mixing spoon.

Finally, decorate with some roasted coffee beans.

Alternatively, you can use liquid cream to shake for a moment before pouring it.

Don’t be fooled by its sweet and delicate flavor, the alcohol content is around 18 degrees!

In summer the White Russian is served frozen for a refreshing break.

In winter it can be served at room temperature without ice, adding a cup of espresso to fully enjoy its velvety taste.

The White Russian La Tazza d’oro matches perfectly with all chocolate, coffee and liquorice sweets and cheesecake.


  • 4 cl of Vodka made in Sardinia
  • 3 cl of Coffee Liquor
  • 4 cl Sweet milk cream flavored with honey

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