Sardinian Irish Coffee

Sardinian Irish Coffee or Irish Coffee Made in Sardinia

A correct coffee with grappa on which a layer of soft milk cream is lightly mounted. Irish Recipe comes from Ireland, revisited here in Sardinian style. An excellent cocktail to warm up the souls during the cold evenings.

The invention of Irish Classic Coffee is fairly recent. It was born in 1942 from the hands of Joseph Sheridan, who prepared it in the Shannon Airport Bar (in County Clare) to warm the cold passengers waiting for the plane. The recipe was soon imported into the United States, becoming one of the most popular and drinkable cocktails.

How to prepare it

Turn into a milk brick cane sugar, grappa barrique of Cannonau and put our espresso inside. Pour everything into a fancy glass and add the cream flavored with myrtle M18, carefully poured with a mixing spoon.

Complete with some floral citrus decorations. Serve immediately without mixing.

It’s in the milk cream that hides the secret to making a really tasty Irish coffee.

There is also the summer version that is obtained by adding cold coffee

Irish coffee made in Sardinia recipe:

  • 2 cl Grappa barrique of Cannonau
  • 4 cl Espresso Coffee La Tazza d’oro
  • 3 cl Sweet milk cream flavored with myrtle M18
  • 2 Tea Spoon of Brown sugar
    Preparation time: 5 minutes

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