Macchiato Coffee

The macchiato coffee is nothing more than an espresso either long or short, to which is added a cream of milk that “stains” the intense coffee color. Milk can be both cold and hot.

It’s similar to cappuccino or milk coffee, but in a narrow version.

Prepare this great classic, preferred by the female audience, is simple and takes a few minutes


  • 1 Espresso La Tazza d’oro
  • 2 cl Milk cream


How to prepare it

Let’s prepare our espresso in a cup of La Tazza d’oro and let’s taste it. Build milk with our Adesso Montalatte to get a thick and dense foam. Pour the cream of milk in the brico, in our cup, trying to spread it in the center and draw a figure in art free pouring milk, that is, free-hand. The precision here is essential.

All the intense aroma of coffee blends with the creaminess of the milk for a break to be enjoyed.


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